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Black Friday Bitches!

Yo here is our guide to what the hell Black Friday is! 

As we have an office in the US and UK we thought we would pick our American friends brains and let you know why you get such sweet discounts and what ours will be! 

So Black Friday is the Friday that falls after Thanksgiving and it marks the start of when most people do their Christmas Shopping, or if you're like us you start pretending to buy things for other people but really they are all for yourself. 

It's the thought that counts! 

This Black Friday we will be offering up to a massive 80% off selected products.  Be aware things will fly out like crazy so if you want it don't wait!  It will be FULLY LIVE Thursday evening on the UK site to give you a little head start!

Happy Shopping! 



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Sherie, our Customer Service Managers Fall 16 TOP Clothing Picks

So I challenged Sherie to pick her top Fall pieces that are coming soon to Iron Fist UK and asked her why they were her must buys. 


I love the Wishbone Halo Romper because it fits my dark style.  It's comfy and you can dress it up or make it super casual.


The Madamned Shirt Dress is a must have for me because it's awesome look at it! It's also great for me with a bigger bust I can still wear a collared shirt without feeling like I'm busting out.  It looks great with underwear or with a vest and jeans so it's really versatile. 




Cave Creeps Sweetheart Dress is hella cute as it has velvet cobwebs all over..what more could you ask for.  It's a great girly fit too. 


My last but not least favourite is the Wishbone LS Dress, for an old goth like me this piece is timeless as everyday is halloween in my World.


The Walking in my Web Heavy Sole Boot in Burgundy are some of my favourite ever boots as they are practical but also have giant webs on them.  What more do you need?!


I also love the Hey Guys Holiday Platforms are gold and fabulous for Christmas parties.  This year I'm having a Halloween Christmas with skull tinsel and coffins on my tree so these are perfect! 


Grave Robber boots are so comfy and really me as they are classic but with an edgy twist.  





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Alternative Holiday Fashion by www.theadventuresofcharlotte.co.uk


Personally there's nothing worse than hunting around the high street looking for holiday clothes, especially in October - all of the summer clothes are either off the shelf or there is very little left of the sales. 
When I'm abroad I very much like to showcase my personality through my wardrobe which is where Iron Fist come into the equation. I own LOTS of Iron Fist clothes and quite frankly I can't get enough! So, naturally, when it came to cramming my suitcase with outfits, there were a number of Iron Fist items, along with other alternative pieces to make up my holiday wardrobe. 

Some of this holiday was all about lazing by the pool and other parts were exploring the culture of Cyprus. My perfect outfit for exploring abroad is a pair of comfortable denim shorts, trainers and a strappy cami top. The Iron Fist Skull A Billy Cami is the perfect option for this sort of occasion, in the heat is light-wearing and looks fantastic tucked into shorts or even out. 
Away from wearing this top casually it would look great with a little black skirt on a night out and that will be my next outfit of choice when I venture to the local alternative club here in Leeds. 

While we were in Cyprus, we also celebrated Ashton's birthday which involved heading into Paphos for some drinks on the final evening. For this I chose to wear the Iron Fist Bat Collar Velvet Dress - perfect for a night in the old town or a dinner date, this beautiful velvet dress isn't too short (just above knee length on me and I'm 5'7") and is fitted under the bust. 
With the velvet material, the dress just looks simply stunning and my favourite feature in particular is the white bat collar, it adds a bit of colour as well as being the perfect accessory to the dress. Size wise I'm wearing an XL, I'm usually 12/14 but because of my bust I thought I'd go bigger to be on the safe side and it's a good job I did because they were pretty darn snug! 

I couldn't have an outfit post without a pair of shorts now could I?! These Kind of A Freak Shorts were lushhhhh. Like the dress, they are a velvet look and texture and I literally fell in love with them when I took them out of the packet.

I love that it has back pockets that perfectly fit my iPhone 6 in and the 'Freak' patch on the waistline that stands out and fits perfectly with the shorts and style trying to be portrayed - I'm different, so what?!

I got these in an XL which equates to a 14 so they fit well on my bum but because they were high waist they were pretty roomy at the top. With gorgeous floral embroidery these really do fit the summer/festival vibe but also are in my wardrobe to wear with fishnets and my docs.
What I love about Iron Fist is that it makes my personality come out of its shell when I'm abroad or at home, so if you're looking for something different I'd certainly head to the Iron Fist website or find a local stockist! I'm already planning my next alternative holiday wardrobe, now just to book the holiday!
You can read more from Charlotte here www.theadventuresofcharlotte.co.uk
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Why I Love Iron Fist by PANDRAMOON

I consider myself to be quite an alternative girl, and by that I mean that I don’t tend to like the run of the mill clothing you find in most high street shops. It’s been a struggle most of my life and it can turn something as simple as a girls day out shopping into my absolute worst nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I can sometimes glimpse something wearable between the overly crowded clothing racks; glinting at me from the distance like a siren drawing me into the unruly depths. But it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’ll be A) black and B) identical to every other item of clothing I’ve bought from a high street store.

Shopping filled me with despair, until a few years ago when I was feeling downright crappy about the clothes I wore. So in my desperation I took to the world wide web to try and salvage whatever was left of my love of fashion, and hunt for the answer to my problems. Just as I thought all hope was lost, I found exactly what I was looking for. A brand called Iron Fist. Lust and need filled me as I scrolled through pages of drool worthy clothing: mini skirts adorned with aliens, shirts embellished with glittery spines, bats fluttering over dresses and so much more. I felt drunk with happiness at my discovery.

So what did I do? Well I embarked on a shopping spree of course.

Who can resist a dress covered in Care Bears?
Bats are essential for every Gothic girl’s wardrobe
Iron Fist even make florals wearable!
Can’t get enough of this skeleton shirt/dress!
Aliens exist, believe it.
Glittery AND mermaid tail? How could I not?!
Bats + velvet = gothic heaven

Since I bought my first piece of clothing from Iron Fist, I haven’t been able to stop myself from going back again and again each time they release more jaw dropping clothing. And who can blame me really? The quality of the clothes and prints are amazing and their prices don’t cripple you!

If you’re an alternative girl like me with a love of all things dark and fabulous then Iron Fist is the perfect brand for all your style wants and needs.


You can view her awesome blog here:  https://pandramoon.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/why-i-love-iron-fist/

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London tattoo Convention Big Weekender

We have finally recovered from our various convention colds and sniffles after having way too much fun at this year's London Tattoo Convention.  

Our little pop up store there looked rad and we wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone that dropped in to spend their hard earned cash on our bargains.


We also took one of our favourite make up artists from MAC Brighton the lovely Zoe Melissa Mae (Instagram @zoemelissamae) who was giving free make overs to our customers on Saturday and Sunday. 


We got hot and bothered watching the amazing acts performing right in front of our rooms and hung out with the lovely Dickie Smith (@dicikiesmithmodel) Who let us snap him when we were all tired on Sunday morning lurking in the tunnels of the venue.              


More pics coming soon from the event.

Massive thanks to Jasmine and the team for having us. 













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London Tattoo Convention Winner and Information

Hey guys,

This year we will have an awesome pop up store at the London Tattoo Convention so make sure you get over to the site and buy your tickets now. 

There are some amazing artists as well as live shows and a whole heap of stores spread over London Docks.  The event takes place from the 23rd - 25th September. 

We will have make up artist Zoe Melissa Mae with us on the Saturday so if you spend £50 you can book a 15 minute make over with her.  We will also have Amy with us taking pictures of you in your new threads and make up at the event as well as some other surprises in store. 


Well, now it's time for the winner to be announced for our competition to win a pair of tickets and £150 to spend with us in store at the London Tattoo Convention.

Congratulations to “enemyofgods" for winning our competition to come and hang out at The London Tattoo Convention with us and spend £150 in our store.  Please contact customer services with your details so we can arrange where to pick up your tickets from. 

Hope to see lots of you at the show. 

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The Colour Pop Girls Mighty Iron Fist Haul.

The lovely Amanda aka Honey Pop Kisses had a huge Iron Fist Clothing haul with her fellow Scottish Fashion Blogger Betty aka Forever Yours Betty.  You can watch way more of their videos on their Youtube Channel The Colour Pop Girls

We sent Amanda all XS as she is a UK 6/8 and Betty a Medium as she is a UK 10/12.

You can read more about Amanda and her adventures on her blog 


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Zoe Melissa Mae Interview and pics

We met up with our gal Zoe Melissa Mae.  For those that don't know her she is a model and make up artist based in Brighton.  She has the best eyeliner we've ever seen not to mention a body to die for! 

We asked her a few questions to..

Here are some of the looks mentioned in the video. 

Zoe Melissa Mae Mermaid


Bone me dress





Zoe is a UK 14/16 and wears an XL in Iron Fist Clothing. 



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Sarah All Dolled Up

If you ever watch awesome chicks on Youtube videos for hours like we do then you will no doubt recognise the beautiful Sarah from her vlog "All Dolled Up."  

Sarah All Dolled Up 1

The Aussie wig queen and make up guru came across the pond and it would have been rude not to invite her in to our Brighton office for a good old English cuppa, a chat and of course a photoshoot. 

We let Sarah rummage through the IF SS16 collection and pick her favourite pieces out so we could shoot her in looks she has styled head to toe herself, we also gave her a sneaky look at Fall 16 coming very soon and asked her some burning questions from being fans for a very long time! 

Here we are with Miss Sarah, what were you favourite pieces you wore for the shoot today? 

Probably the Lily Maxi Dress from your Nine Kate collaboration as I don't wear a lot of black so that's something new for me.  I also ADORE the Care Bear stuff it's so cute.  I love the Eyeballin' Bodycon Dress from the Fall Collection as it's every exciting and colourful. 

Sarah All Dolled Up 2

Like you are! Since you are the Queen of wigs do you have any top tips for our IF readers? 

IF your wig is too shiny I recommend putting some baby powder on it to dull it and make it look more natural.  Don't be afraid to cut into your wig and change it to make it look more realistic as well.  Also make sure you wear a wig cap and properly hide your hair underneath so that it sits well as its the most important thing.  Make sure you pin it on properly!  Recently I've been buying human hair wigs and dying and styling them myself as it's a lot of fun. 

What make up do you wear all the time? 

At the moment like a to of people I am loving the liquid to matte lipsticks.  I have so many of them! My favourites are Lime Crime, Jeffree Starr and LA Splash all these bright lip colours and highlights, I love really intense glowing cheeks, blinding cheeks! 


Sarah All Dolled Up 3

What made you want to come to the UK? 

I LOVE the UK! I really like the people here and I love the fashion scene theres loads of really interesting alleys and places to go and lots of great live music.  It's a really creative place with lots to explore. 

So what would your advise be to aspiring Youtube vloggers?

I think if you want to get into it I think you have to realise you aren't going to have loads of people following you or watching right away.  I recommend making videos because you enjoy it, post about what you like and make it a creative fun experience.  Interact with the people watching your videos so they can have a say in what you make as well.  Don't be too focused on getting somewhere just enjoy the process. 


Make sure to check out Sarah on youtube and check back soon for more blog posts from IF HQ.



Pictures and words by Amy.

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Happy Monday !

Hi Iron Fist Guy's and Doll!

It's Monday fun day and while some of you are bummed at another school day or work week starting here at Iron Fist we have lot's of new exciting shoes, clothing, and accessories in the works! Firstly , Hi I'm Lydia and I'll be the girl who takes care of all your customer service needs from here on out. The overload of cute and cool is just on the horizon and I urge everyone to sign up on our email. Plus follow Iron Fist on Instagram, Twitter, and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on when the new Spring/Summer line will be avalible. For all the Care Bear, mermaid lovers, and goth fashionista's out there I can't wait for you all to see the new line! Drop me a line and tell me what info you want on the blog and I'm gonna post lot's of fun thing's too. Working at Iron Fist is a punk rock kawaii fashion dream and I want to share it with all of you! 

Have a sparkly and sweet Monday loves!


Lydia Tavera 


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Crazy Cute Times With Care Bear Loving Lazy Kat!

Crazy Cute Times With Care Bear Loving Lazy Kat!

Parisian Katia Giorgino is one of our fave pastel bloggers – we love how she styles our Care Bear items!

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We're moving onto bigger and better things, and relocating to our brand new Iron Fist HQ here in the UK.

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