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We adore fashion blogger and positive thinker Gina Vadana also known as Vintageena. Gina resides in Romania and regularly brings to her followers a diverse range of absolutely stunning look books.

For Spring 2015 we worked on a little collaboration with Gina, where she bought to her blog 3 hot Iron Fist looks. She wore and styled the clothes with so much attitude we simply had to introduce you to her!

Readers, meet Vintageena.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m a chameleon who’s changing her clothes the way she’s changing her mood! I do not put myself in boxes, I try and listen to my body, mind and soul and act how I want – no matter what other people say! I’m a rebel w/ a cause! I want to inspire ppl to lead their lives as they please, not how others want and learn to evolve every single say! One love.

Lezi Gore Bodycon Dress

You’ve been blogging since 2012 and have certainly made your mark online! What top tips would you give to aspiring bloggers?
  • Knowing yourself leads to knowing your style well, keeping real and unique
  • Havin’ some professional tools and knowin how to manage them iz a must, this will lead quality content.
  • Knowing photography software ex Photoshop iz a must for making the adjustments that you couldn’t do on the set for the photos part || optional: it’s great if you know a video software.
  • The message beyond all the fashion stuff is important. I choose to be vegan, I do yoga, I meditate, I’m grateful and I make new things everyday. I evolve everyday and that’s the message that I am putting into the world through my socials. Yeah, it is important in this society to look well and feel cute n sassy, but the most important thing is to raise awareness about the things that really matter, like global warming, animal cruelty, hate within, pollution. We need to make space in our heart for love and kindness and share it with others! 
  • The last thing iz the consistency. Do what you do everyday and try to become better and better. If today you don’t like the way you made your outfit then tomorrow make a look that will kick asses all da way! 

What’s a day in the life of Vintageena like?
In my everyday life I’m simply Gina. I wake up and do my smoothie, which is a must! I love doing different flavors, and I love banana. I do my yoga routine and take a shower, after that I prepare new stuff for my blog, having talk w/ my boyfriend who iz part of the Vintageena team and discuss ideas. It’s magical; I should film a video about how we made Vintageena. He is very creative and has aaaaalot of ideas. When we’re brainstorming it’s a real storm out there! After that I’ll probably spend some time in the kitchen trying out new vegan recipes, since going vegan I am doing this everyday. I’ll then prep make up, outfits and all the sassy stuff for a new blog post, then we shoot! It’s very important for me to charge my batteries in nature; one hour spent there is the most beautiful and relaxing thing eva. I charge my batteries, free my mind and connect with everything around me. It’s dinnertime, and I tend to make something sweet and tasty like sweet potatoes and broccoli and I’m done! After that I take a shower and prepare the blog post, if it’s late I spend time on Instagram, read a book or watching a documentary, then sleep. Goodnight!

Slayer Fringe Muscle Tank // Infidelity Boots

Tell us what 4 things you simply couldn’t live without.
It’s a not a thing but my boyfriend! Water, bananas and a good body cream cuz my skin is so dry. 

Who do you love following online?
I love a lot of beautiful and inspirational people. Some people I luv and appreciate are Elliphant, Alison wonderland and Chloe Ganard. They are so real and comfy in their skin and chill. New generation <3

Leopard Garden Party Bodycon Dress 

What’s your perfect rainy day style?
The most comfiest outfit ever for when it’s raining. I prefer joggers, oversized tees or sweaters and a pair of comfy sneakers, and that’s it :)

One of our favourite things about Vintageena is the action packed video lookbooks which leave us a little tongue tied (like seriously, those legs!). Don't just take our word for it, check them out yourself. 

Gina has a lot more Iron Fist looks coming your way this Fall! So keep those eyes peeled and see more of Gina’s style over at You can also check out her Instagram, Facebook and Youtube for more of her lifestyle and PMA blogging.

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