Halloween Is For Life, Not Just For October

As the leaves turn brown and pumpkin spiced everything makes it's way back into our lives it can only mean one thing – HALLOWEEN IS HERE! The one time of year we’re slightly less frowned upon for dressing like we’re off to a funeral, and where our winged eyeliner protrudes that little bit further onto our temples. As you can probably guess, we love Halloween. If our fall line full of skulls and bones doesn’t prove it to you (and need I mentioned springs Zombie Chomper range?!) then maybe this will.

October 31st is one of the best nights of the year, whether you’re going all out head to toe in costume or a more subtle spooky themed outfit one thing is mandatory – make up. We teamed up with Illamasqua MUA Kiri Robinson whose extravaganza eleganza would make RuPaul proud!

Wearing our Wishbone Lace Dress from this seasons line Kiri chose a sugar skull inspired look. Doesn’t she look completely badass?

You can shop this look yourself for that perfect ghoul chic this Halloween, check out our Wishbone Lace Dress. Want the face too? All products by the divine Illamasqua!
Make up list: Rich Liquid 100Intrigue BlusherPrecision Gel linerObsidian Eyeshadow and Berber Pigment 

Make sure you check out Kiri's Instagram for make up looks that will put the bass in your walk. 

Ali McGee

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