Getting To Know Helen Anderson

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That’s why we’re head over heels in love with the fierce Helen Anderson, badass lifestyle blogger and totally rad front woman in Box of Light. She’s basically an alternative Beyonce’ and we sure as hell wanna put a ring on it. After religiously following her on all social media platforms we were still left wanting to know more, so caught up for a little Q&A and some serious girl crushin’.

Name: Helen Anderson

Blog: HERE

Social media: InstagramFacebookTwitter, Youtube

What’s your 9-5? What’s your ride or die?
I am a full time Youtuber, blogger and musician! I'm not sure what Ride or die means, but I'm going to say a pastel blue fiat 500 haha. 

How did you get into what you’re doing?
Total accident. Long story short, Had Tumblr account, posted pic of my purple hair, pic got reblogged lots, got to asked to make a video on my hair, made video on hair, got asked to make more I'm here, wahoo!

I didn't really know what I was doing, I was totally going with the flow. Now its my full time job and I take way more pride in it now and so the content is better (I personally think) and just more me!

How would you describe your style? What’s your favourite look at the moment?
I like to think that I dress like I was a Motley Crue groupie / grunge monster. 

I love the rock n roll influences, leather, faux fur, black. But I also love slouchy oversized stuff with skinny jeans and chunky boots. 

Helen wearing Slayer Torn Sweater

Who’s your biggest style icon?
I love Audrey Kitching ! I don’t necessarily dress like her all the time, but she got some great style going on.

What are your guilty pleasures?
My Ugg boots, so ugly but sooo comfy. Enya, I love Enya, it's not even a guilty pleasure, and I’ll openly admit I love her, even though everyone else thinks like a mum.  

What songs are on your dream playlist rn?
*checks Spotify* I got Grimes new track on quite a lot, Cloud control, Best Coasts new album and the Best of Kimmy Buffet - again, no shits are given haha!

Tell us your favourite Iron Fist picks?
I love the Slayer Torn Sweater and My Christmas Harem Pant, they were my ultimate lounge wear on tour. 

If you weren’t already familiar with Helen be sure to check out her blog for all the fashion know how and her band for the ultimate beachy vibes here

Helen wearing My Christmas Harem Pant

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