Getting Festive With Kayla Hadlington

What could be a better way to spend a Monday morning than wearing chunky knitwear, secretly listening to Now That’s What I Call Christmas on repeat and warming up with a brew? Oh yeah, having a catch up with the one and only Kayla Hadlington. Seemingly she’s just as excited about Santa coming as we are.

Kayla wearing Iron Fist X So So Happy Lucky Sweater

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

I think I want some kind of light for filming youtube videos but I'm not really sure what type to go for.. hmmmm

Talk us through your usual Christmas day! 

I wake up, go downstairs, make a cup of tea and then we all sit around the christmas tree and open presents and the best bit is watching the dogs open their presents because they rip the wrapping paper off themselves an its quite adorable!! Then I normally just laze around for the rest of the day and make yorkshire puddings and then we have Christmas dinner in the evening and thats pretty much it aha!

How would you describe your style? What’s your favourite winter look at the moment?

Pink? I actually noticed that I don't have that many pink clothes, they're all blue or purple because they go well with my hair haha! But I really like fluffy coats at the moment, with jeans and converse, I'm kinda sad that my favourite one broke :(

Kayla wearing Iron Fist X So So Happy Lucky Sweater

Which bloggers would you put on your Nice List this year? 

Jo Pearson cus she fab

Amy Valentine cus she also fab

Leanne Woodfull cus she is another fab

@internetgirl cus shes rly cool and fab like have u seen her

Guilty pleasure time: 

Your favourite Christmas song?

I'm so terrible at choosing I like them all!! Maybe the snowman as I've been to see it a few times 

Your favourite Christmas movie? 

I never watched Christmas movies when I was little, I'm not really a film person :/ but I always like the Christmas bits in all the Harry Potter films haha.. Also when I was little I was absolutely obsessed with the Royal Ballet Nutcracker, my mom recorded it for me and I watched it on repeat every Christmas. In fact I think going to see it live would be the ultimate Christmas present for me!! Actually maybe Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is my favourite Christmas song...

Your favourite reindeer? 

I don't know they're all adorable!!! I like the name prancer though.... can you just imagine her prancing along like "Yes I am the sassiest of all the reindeer"

Kayla wearing Iron Fist X So So Happy Lucky Sweater

Tell us your favourite Iron Fist picks! 

These are all amazing I already have a few of them myself!!

Do you have any festive tips our readers can steal? (and us..)

Erm you can never have too much gravy and always visit a Christmas market because they're super good and you'll probably end up buying noodles which is not at all Christmasy but they taste good and at least it'll be in a pretty christmas market!! 

You can shop Kayla's Iron Fist picks by clicking the images or here, and remember we offer free UK shipping on orders over £50. Place your orders in time for Christmas! 

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