Q&A With Full-Time Mermaid Sophie Hannah Richardson

She is known for her mermaid inspired hair and amazing make up and style tutorials. Sophie is one of the hottest rising stars in alternative fashion.


How did you first find out about Iron Fist? 

At London Edge a few years ago!

What are your top 3 Iron Fist items? 

It's gotta be:
The Eyeballin Body Con Dress
I see you Fur Jacket
Wish all Bear Sweater

I'm a huge fan of faux fur and statement pieces!

Which best describes you?

A. Mermaid
B. Witch
C. Unicorn
D. Zombie
E. ___________

It's gotta be a mermaid!

Which subculture do you like the most?

A. Punk
B. Rockabilly
C. Kawaii
D. Goth
E. ___________

I love the punk subculture the most because you can have a lot of fun with it.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

Instagram, Pinterest and from cool people I walk past on the street.

Who is your style icon?

This one is tricky, I don't really have someone I go to all the time for style ideas. However I do love Mstr_in_disguise on Instagram, her style is on point!

Describe alternative fashion in your own words.

Rebelling against the everyday fashion trends and standing out from the crowd.

What music are you currently listening too?

Ed Sheerhan - Castle in the Sky and Shape of You - they're just so catchy!

If you had a super power for a day what would it be and why?

I'd love to be able to transport myself to anywhere in the world! What a cool sightseeing day that would be!

What is your best social media tip?

Be consistent - whether that's the way you edit your photos or how many times you upload a day. Make sure people can tell it's your profile from just flicking through your Instagram.


You can read Sophie's blog here: http://www.sophiehannahrichardson.com/

Amy Blackburn