More Than Just A Tattoo Model - Meet Cat Lover Lucie Clément

We had a chat with the lovely Lucie about her top Iron Fist Clothing Fall picks.  She also did an awesome shoot for us.
Name: lucie Clément 
Occupation: tattoo model & make up artist & blogger
Location: Paris 
What made you pick the items you did?
Actually i only Wear black clothings but i found the teddy bear collection soooo cute.... my child's soul wanted it!
Have you bought Iron Fist before?
Yes but it was for shoes ... i know iron fist since à long time ago! I haven't Any tattoos yet !!!
What do you think of the fits? It fits Small i think but it s perfect for me ! 
Anything you want to tell our readers? Just Buy it ! You won t be disappointed...
If you speak French you can check out her blog or follow Lucie on Instagram @lucie.clement.
Amy Blackburn

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