Q&A With Jodie Marsh - An All Around Awesome Babe

Whether you love her or otherwise you can't help but notice her eye catching outfits and outgoing personality. Jodie has also been veggie for a number of years and has a deep love for animals which makes us adore her even more.  We sat down and ask Jodie some questions. Here's what she said...

How did you first find out about Iron Fist?

    I first saw a pair of Iron Fist shoes in a shop and I fell in love at first sight!! It was like they were made for me! I've always loved anything different and edgy and quirky and these shoes were just unreal! There's nothing else on the market like Iron Fist. If you want to stand out and be unique then Iron fist is for you. I've always prided myself on "being me" and looking how I want to look, with tattoos and crazy hair and quirky clothes so as soon as I saw Iron Fist, I knew I wanted ALL of it! haha.


    What are your top 3 Iron Fist items?

    Oh God, that's too hard to choose - there's so much I love. Right now, at this very moment I'd have to say my Care Bear lounge suit as it's so soft and comfy and is the cutest thing I own, the platform Deer Me shoes - they are so pretty they hurt my heart a bit! I honestly don't think I've ever loved a pair of shoes as much as I love those! And thirdly, I'd say my Bones jumpsuit. My followers like that one too cos I wear it in the gym and it's sexy as Hell!!! Oh, no, hang on, can I choose a fourth??? I'm also IN LOVE with my I See You furry coat. It's so bright and colourful and fun to wear. And it looks AMAZING with my pink hair!



    Which best describes you?

    A. Mermaid
    B. Witch
    C. Unicorn
    D. Zombie
    E. ___________

      Definitely a Unicorn!!! I have pastel pink hair at the moment and I'm a very rare specie! haha. I'm one of a kind for sure and I like to think I'm tough but cute at the same time (and I think Unicorns are tough AND cute as well as being totally magical).

      Which subculture do you like the most?

        A. Punk
        B. Rockabilly
        C. Kawaii
        D. Goth
        E. ___________

            Ooooh this is hard! I love all of them!! I go through stages with my clothes so at one point or another I've rocked all of these looks and I honestly couldn't pick a favourite! I love rockabilly and I often go for a full 1950's look with a cute dress and a victory roll in my hair but I also love Goth. My style changes on a daily basis. Some days I wake up and want to look a bit Goth, some days I wake up and want to look rock n roll, some days I wake up in my Care Bear lounge set and then stay in it ALL day! haha. I would get bored if I only had one look. Clothes should be fun and I dress according to my mood. If I'm in a business meeting I go for the pencil skirt and beautiful blouse but then I ride a Harley Davidson and look like a proper Rock Chick. If I really had to choose one of the above, I'd probably say Rockabilly as I love rockabilly music too and my dream is to own a ranch in America and live with Seasick Steve as my husband and a ton of animals. I would wear pretty dresses and red lipstick every day! Haha.

            Where do you get your style inspiration?

              I've never followed fashion - I just wear what I like. If it makes me smile, I'll wear it. If it makes me feel confident, I'll wear it! I think clothes should either be really really fun or really really classy. Because clothes-wise, that's all you really need in life! Life's too short to wear boring clothes so wear bright colours, wear crazy things, wear things that show your personality (mine is loud and fun and crazy), wear things that make you feel happy and wear things that make you smile. BUT, there are those odd occasions when you're going somewhere and a fluorescent furry coat just isn't appropriate for the tone of the event, so in that case; be CLASSY! I love elegant midi dresses and nude heels, I love tailored coats and beautiful silk blouses with pencil skirts. I've always made my own "fashion", from wearing two belts as an outfit (if it can even be called that), to wearing custom made shoes with bird's nests on them (you may say weird; I say fabulous); your clothes should make you feel GOOD about yourself. And your clothes should be appropriate to the occasion - I went to a Christmas concert last year so I wore my I See You fur coat (multi-coloured furry coat) and had my make up artist do glitter tears all down my face - that was great because it was perfect for the event. Then I went to a charity fundraiser where I had to give a speech and I wore a beautiful tailored dress and classy heels with a long wool coat and muted make up. It's all about dressing for the event and making sure you feel good at all times.


              Who is your style icon?

                I'm not massively obsessed with anyone else style-wise. I do think lots of people dress well and look good but I'd honestly have to say my mum is probably my style "icon"; she's the classiest lady I know and at 67, dresses better than most people I know! We go out for dinner all the time and my mum turns up wearing some amazing dress and she just looks gorgeous. She's also getting more "trendy" the older she gets. She's started wearing Todds shoes and Freddy Jeans!! I'll have her wearing Iron Fist soon haha (she was definitely eyeing up my Care Bear jumper recently). I hope I look as good as her when I'm older. Famous person wise: I love Eva Mendes for her classic ladylike style and I love Gwen Stefani for her quirkiness. I think J-Lo always looks the bomb (although I think she wears real fur and that makes me sad). I think Blake Lively always looks amazing and she wears some gorgeous classy dresses (as does Jessica Alba). I love how Pammie's style has evolved over the years from sex-bomb to classy pin-up!















                Describe alternative fashion in your own words.

                To me, alternative fashion is basically making your own fashion. It's about being different and NOT following the crowd. It's about not conforming (but not because you're a rebel or attention seeker, just simply because you have your own mind and you know what you like and you're not suddenly going to start wearing culottes just because someone at Vogue has decided that they're the must-have fashion item). Nowadays I LOVE skinny jeans but I remember years ago when they very first came into fashion (at the time it was all about the boot cut jean haha) and I just didn't like them. They were so alien to me at that time and I thought they looked weird. I was happy in my Levi 501's!! I refused to join the crowd of skinny-jean-wearers and while everyone around me bowed down to the trend, I carried on wearing my old faithful's. I can't remember how long it took me to eventually wear a pair of skinny jeans but now I live in them and if they ever became "untrendy" again, I would still carry on wearing them. Once I decide I like something, I'll wear it whether other people think it's cool or not. And to me, that is the beauty of "alternative" fashion: you wear it because YOU like it and not because you're trying to fit in. And also, I think those who try to hard to be cool, are the LEAST cool. It's the ones who don't give a rat's arse who are the real cool ones. If you try too hard, it shows. If you just wear what you love and what suits you and what you feel a million dollars in, then that shows too! And you're instantly cooler to me for daring to be yourself and not caring what people think.


                What music are you currently listening too?

                  I have a huge music collection and there's so much music I love. My absolute favourite music is 1950's Rock n Roll: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard. I was brought up on that and it's forever playing in my house. In terms of more "modern" music, I like the proper artists like Michael Jackson, Simply Red, Ed Sheeran, Seasick Steve. I'm not a fan of boybands and girlbands so much and I don't like music that sounds like it's been made on a computer in someone's bedroom. I like instruments and lyrics, poetry and story-telling and beauty. One of my favourite songs is "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" by Jimmie Rodgers. It tells a beautiful tale of how he met his wife and the journey of their life together. It's simple but lovely. There's also a fairly new artist called JD Mcpherson from the USA who writes songs that sound like 1950's songs. It's PROPER Rock n Roll and he's amazing. It's my dream to see him live in concert one day!


                  If you had a super power for a day what would it be and why?

                    Can I have a superpower that's not for me?? haha. Because if I could choose anything, it would be for my dogs and cats to be able to talk! I have 6 dogs and 4 cats and they are my actual babies! I love them more than anything in the world and I would LOVE to be able to talk to them properly. I want to be able to have full blown conversations with them. haha. I want to know how they're feeling and what they want in life (other than walks, cuddles, play time and food). I want to tell them how much I love them and for them to understand me. My animals are so important to me and I would do anything to make them happy. I actually dream about them being able to talk!!!! (yes I know I sound nuts).


                    What is your best social media tip?

                      Block anyone who is mean to you. Your social media is an extension of YOU and your life. If someone walked up to you in the street and said "you look VILE", you wouldn't allow that person to be part of your life, so why allow them access to your life on social media?! I'm very lucky that most of my followers are lovely and kind and caring and loyal, but being in the public eye, you will always get a few nutters who desperately want to try and ruin your day. I block someone for the smallest negative comment! If someone says "I hate that outfit" - blocked. If someone says "your hair looks crap" - blocked! haha. Honestly, I think people are too worried about having loads of followers but I'd rather have less followers but ones that were all NICE! It's not about how many you've got, it's about the interaction with them. And also, did you know that sooooooo many famous people BUY followers to make it look like they've got more than they really have?! An easy way to tell is this: On twitter, if someone has say 2 or 3 million followers but they're only getting 15 likes (or worse, something like 3 likes) on a tweet, you can guarantee they've bought fake followers. I have 606,000 (ALL REAL FOLLOWERS) on Twitter and I get on average about 400 likes per tweet (sometimes thousands of likes, depending how funny/interesting the tweet is). Then you see someone off Towie or Geordie Shore with 3 million followers who's only getting 5 likes per tweet and it doesn't add up! So you see, you should never worry about how many followers you have - it's about quality - not quantity. And if these famous people are so insecure that they have to buy followers to make themselves look more popular, then really; you're doing alright aren't you?!

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