Q&A With Lozzy Bones

How did you first find out about Iron Fist?

I used to see it being sold in Camden back in my baby bat days.


What are your top 3 Iron Fist items?

Anything with bones and skulls on it, so I guess it would be pretty hard to just pick 3. I'm currently living in my skeleton romper. It's the comfiest thing I own, I feel like a giant spooky toddler.


Which best describes you?

A. Mermaid
B. Witch
C. Unicorn
D. Zombie
E. ___________

A zombie *before I've had coffee.


Which subculture do you like the most?

A. Punk
B. Rockabilly
C. Kawaii
D. Goth
E. ___________

D. Forever


Where do you get your style inspiration?

There's no one specific place. But I follow quite a lot of alternative fashion bloggers. If it's black I'll probably wear it.


Who is your style icon?

David Bowie. The looks he's served over his career are a bit bloody special.


Describe alternative fashion in your own words.

I could be cheesy and say that alternative fashion is like going against the grain and rebelling against the mainstream...but the reality is more like trying to find that one black dress you want to wear in the maelstrom of black clothing that is your bedroom floor. I'm sure someone with a less alternative bent has an easier time identifying their own clothing haha!


What music are you currently listening too?

Shallow bed - dry the river


If you had a super power for a day what would it be and why?

Clone myself or stop time without any dire consequences I reckon. There currently just aren't enough hours in the day.


What is your best social media tip?

I've always tried to interact with people as much as possible online. It's more about community than the amount of followers you have. Through that I've met some wonderful people. Be active and professional.



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Photos by Amy Blackburn

Sherie Hayden