Q & A With Our Favorite Parisian Blogger I Am Lazy Kat

How did you first find out about Iron Fist?

I saw it online by visiting some online shops and the collaboration with My Little Pony.

What are your top 3 Iron Fist items?

The My Little Pony shirt, the Care Bears jumpsuit and Care Bears flats!

Which best describes you?

A. Mermaid
B. Witch
C. Unicorn
D. Zombie
E. ___________
A + C of course !! :D

Which subculture do you like the most?

A. Punk
B. Rockabilly
C. Kawaii
D. Goth
E. ___________
Kawaii obviously, but I also love goth and punk. I don’t really wear this style but I dig it!

Where do you get your style inspiration?

From everywhere, it can be in the streets, online, in a magazine, everything and anything can inspire me.

Who is your style icon?

Can I say Lady Gaga? 

Describe alternative fashion in your own words.

For me « Alternative Fashion » means the opposite of « regular fashion » not being a standard, not looking like everybody and being a clone because everybody wears the same thing. It means being different. :)

What music are you currently listening too?

Currently it’s Willow Smith and Missy Elliott, their latest songs!

If you had a super power for a day what would it be and why?

Probably teleportation, to go see some place I never been (like the USA), all the places I dream to go I would go ! It would save a lot of money and time ! :)

What is your best social media tip?

Be close and nice to your followers because without them we are nothing! 
Photographer : Inga Kundzina (@indzindzin)
Makeup artist (and second model) : Sarah Da Silva (@hurricaneofbeauty)
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