Q&A With Swedish Blogger Faeteeth (aka Juni)

Juni is a beautiful blue haired blogger from Sweden.  She posts in English and has a fairy inspired look.  She blogs about fashion, make up, art and music. She has been on our radar for a while. Juni has a great unique look that everyone can appreciate.

How did you first find out about Iron Fist?

When I was just getting into alternative fashion many years ago, there were two stores I used to get my clothes from. One of them carried some Iron Fist designs, so I stumbled upon some pieces while I was browsing! 


What are your top 3 Iron Fist items?

Currently, anything from the Wishbone collection. I love bone prints and there are so many nice silhouettes! 

Which best describes you?

A. Mermaid
B. Witch
C. Unicorn
D. Zombie
E. ___________
How difficult! I'd either go with B...or perhaps E, and say fairy!

Which subculture do you like the most?

A. Punk
B. Rockabilly
C. Kawaii
D. Goth
E. ___________
A or D, for sure!

Where do you get your style inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything that catches my eye, but to name something in specific, I'd definitely say 80's and 90's alt fashion. I follow many blogs and Instagram accounts with the type of styles I like. 

Who is your style icon?

I don't have one specific style icon, but I really love the styles of Hirari Ikeda, and of course the NYC club kids.

Describe alternative fashion in your own words.

Alt fashion for me is very important. It's been a large part of who I am, and it's brought me to find some of my closest friends. Even though alt fashion is forever changing and unique to each and every person, it tells you something about who someone is, and every person can make it their own, even if they're part of a specific subculture, which is really cool.

What music are you currently listening too?

Right now I listen to a lot of electronic music, but also some indie and pop/rock.

If you had a super power for a day what would it be and why?

Mind reading from any distance! I'd love to know what people were thinking and see how different it would be from my own thoughts and ways of thinking.

What is your best social media tip?

My best tip is honestly just to post whatever you want to post, because you want to post it. Very direct, but it shouldn't be more difficult than that, in my opinion! 
Follow Juni on Instagram @farteeth 
Amy Blackburn