Sarah All Dolled Up

If you ever watch awesome chicks on Youtube videos for hours like we do then you will no doubt recognise the beautiful Sarah from her vlog "All Dolled Up."  

Sarah All Dolled Up 1

The Aussie wig queen and make up guru came across the pond and it would have been rude not to invite her in to our Brighton office for a good old English cuppa, a chat and of course a photoshoot. 

We let Sarah rummage through the IF SS16 collection and pick her favourite pieces out so we could shoot her in looks she has styled head to toe herself, we also gave her a sneaky look at Fall 16 coming very soon and asked her some burning questions from being fans for a very long time! 

Here we are with Miss Sarah, what were you favourite pieces you wore for the shoot today? 

Probably the Lily Maxi Dress from your Nine Kate collaboration as I don't wear a lot of black so that's something new for me.  I also ADORE the Care Bear stuff it's so cute.  I love the Eyeballin' Bodycon Dress from the Fall Collection as it's every exciting and colourful. 

Sarah All Dolled Up 2

Like you are! Since you are the Queen of wigs do you have any top tips for our IF readers? 

IF your wig is too shiny I recommend putting some baby powder on it to dull it and make it look more natural.  Don't be afraid to cut into your wig and change it to make it look more realistic as well.  Also make sure you wear a wig cap and properly hide your hair underneath so that it sits well as its the most important thing.  Make sure you pin it on properly!  Recently I've been buying human hair wigs and dying and styling them myself as it's a lot of fun. 

What make up do you wear all the time? 

At the moment like a to of people I am loving the liquid to matte lipsticks.  I have so many of them! My favourites are Lime Crime, Jeffree Starr and LA Splash all these bright lip colours and highlights, I love really intense glowing cheeks, blinding cheeks! 


Sarah All Dolled Up 3

What made you want to come to the UK? 

I LOVE the UK! I really like the people here and I love the fashion scene theres loads of really interesting alleys and places to go and lots of great live music.  It's a really creative place with lots to explore. 

So what would your advise be to aspiring Youtube vloggers?

I think if you want to get into it I think you have to realise you aren't going to have loads of people following you or watching right away.  I recommend making videos because you enjoy it, post about what you like and make it a creative fun experience.  Interact with the people watching your videos so they can have a say in what you make as well.  Don't be too focused on getting somewhere just enjoy the process.

Make sure to check out Sarah on youtube and check back soon for more blog posts from IF HQ.


Pictures and words by Amy.

Amy Blackburn